Another Major Release (over 200 bug fixes)

I have spent the last 48 hours bug fixing, major overhaul.  New release in a .ZIP, or .EXE (installer).

This release should stabilize 99% of the issues, so keep reporting any bugs you may find.  When I first wrote the code I focused on structure, now I was able to come back and clean it up really nice.


Major Update Available

Check out our Downloads Page to get version  This release notes are as follows:

  1.  Download File above, and extract the zip file (very important to extract first)
  2. Run the Loader.exe or crs_x32.exe
  • Scanned with Malwarebytes and Symantec
  • Tested on 2 systems (1 Desktop with Intel i5 Quad and NVidia 570 w/ 16 Gigs of Ram, 1 Laptop Intel i5 Sumsung MX980 w/ 4 Gigs of Ram) offline and online
  • 4 Modes coded (Random, Scenario, Tutorial, Level Editor), all functional
  • 4 Modes coded (Random, Scenario, Tutorial, Level Editor), all functional
  • Level Editor supports introduction messages, terrains, water, models of different sorts, music, soundFX, SpecialFX, Functions, and Animations.
  • Incorporating a bit of my old code to begin to add some game-play.  As the game matures, the scenarios will expand exponentially
  • Level Editor is fully functional, the only thing missing is adding doors, linking the Scenario Jobs, and Compiling as a Level / Scenario, however all items you place can be used as a level, so please let me know what you guys make up.
  • Major bug fixes across the board, found only 1 after compiling which is minor.  You need to disable water while below z = 0, it is a simple handle which will soon be corrected
  • Full Licensing system to create, upgrade, and find lost CD-KEYs
  • Please report any bugs to, very important


Developmental Release 2

Making a developmental release available.  This version supports:
–  350 + models for world editor
–  Full save/load features
–  Object soundFX, SpecialFX, Animations, Functions
–  Lighting system (create light switches and lights), w/ multicolor / flickering options
–  Create player starting point
–  Major bug fixes

Installation Instructions:
1.  Download file from
2.  Unzip file
3.  Run Loader (Loader.exe)
Note:  This is NOT an installer, it is raw files, just download and run the Loader.exe file.  Please report any bugs.  Future releases may be like this until it the game has full updates supported and playable content.

System Requirements:
Minimum: 1 GB RAM, 64 MB 3D video card, sound card.
Recommended: 2 GB RAM, 256 MB video card, Shader 2.0 support.
Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Server 2008 / Server 2012, 32 Bit or 64 Bit;
DirectX 9.0c or above.

SpecialFX / Sound Engine MOD Added

We added a SpecialFX system that pretty much lets you create any type of special effect in the game. Its pretty fun messing around with, there is a lot you can do with it.

Message from the Developer Garrett:
I coded the specialFX engine for Computer Repair Simulator. Users can now add some pretty cool effects to objects and the world, including lightning bolts, smoke, fire, rain, snow, fog, ice, weird space things, etc.

Now imagine working on a computer in the simulator and getting zapped, BAM! SPECIALFX flies across the screen creating a sense of urgency to stop being electricuted.

Game Updater Complete

We coded a game updater so that after the next release, you don’t need to keep installing the game from scratch and losing your player data.  You can now update the game right in the interface.  You may still download the installer, but these would be in cases for new players and users who need to reinstall the game due to “modding failure”.  Here is a little video.

Skills + Toolbelt Update

We linked more skills and added a toolbelt / quick access tool bar to rapidly deploy frequently used items.  We are also working on the auto updater for the game, along with a little work on inventory.



Add Hardware Mod / Shop DONE!!!

Finally we have completed the mods to allow us and users to add their own custom hardware ranging from computers, computer parts, servers, racks/cabinets, KVM, UPS, to PCBs, Electronic Components, Silkscreen, Certifications, etc.  This is huge, adding new hardware will be EXTREMELY EASY, no hard code.  Have a look at some of the images.


General Update

A lot of good things are going on, including a ton of hardware additions and the user mods that link them all.  We are also developing a game launcher updater to avoid having users uninstall / install every release.  There have been a lot of changes up to this point, so having an updater was a bit tough.  Well here are some screen shots, but make sure you visit us at