Compatibility / Bug Fixes



With all of the code that was written, I have been chasing bugs that I know may be a problem.  So far we are doing pretty good with tracking them down.  Here are some recent updates.

-Fixed Windows 10 compatibility (old DLL file causing crashes on startup, now fixed)
-ESC key no longer closes the game engine, but can be used in game to control menus / actions
-Fixed bug with adding multiple devices to same destination
-Fixed inventory bug where if you tried to open the inventory right before adding a device, it completely disappeared
-Added different movement code that may work for some players
-Added auto saving during gameplay
-Added close game menu and saving of data before engine close
-Added Skill Repair, and allowed repairing of Inventory objects
-Added the Skills menu
-Added the Stats menu
-Added Help menu
-Added Selling of Inventory objects

Many Things


-Saving / Loading of player data (money, skills, stats, XP, etc)
-Added Skills panel to view skills
-Added Stats panel to view stats
-Added a Help Panel to show controls
-Random bug fixes and added some random things

Updates and exciting news! Computer repair simulator update

Hello world!

Let us start with some updates! I (Euthimis , the site admin) have been working on some interesting scenarios/missions that will include stuff like building a computer , replacing parts and a DEMO scenario. Yes that’s right! We will release a demo soon and not only that but we will also release a Pre Alpha build of the game for testing. Check our site daily for updates on the game and announcements!

If you want to give ideas and show your love (or hate) for the project post a comment down below or send an email to