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Purchase the Computer Repair Simulator® software license below to unlock the software simulator for more than 5 minutes without limitations to gameplay. The license comes with the Desktop Computer DLC by default (more to come later but will be purchased separately).  Transactions are done through PayPal.  Once you have completed your transaction at PayPal, you will be given a Ticket#, use this Ticket# in the Game Launcher to activate your copy of the game. We will soon have an account portal in place which will be a major improvement to our login system.  If you are an Educational Facility / School, please contact us for bulk license discounts at This software is at it’s debut state but will continue to undergo heavy development for continued improvement and gameplay features.

Single License:

Supported Resolutions:
1920×1080 (recommended)
4K Resolutions play at 1920×1080
Any resolution with Window mode between 800×600 up to 1920×1080. Windowed mode can scale graphics to fit most screens.

*resolution is supported, but some panels may not fully fit on screen, use F1/F2 to move menus up/down.

Software EULA

Please contact with any issues or concerns.