You can find the tutorials below.

PDF Tutorials:
Computer Repair Simulator Quick Start Reference

Video Tutorials for Gameplay:
Getting Started and First Scenario (11m)
The User Interface (11m 5s)

Navigating the Lab, Movement (2m)
Moving your Computer (2m 24s)
Interacting with the Computer (2m 9s)
Using Tools (4m 50s)
Inventory and Shop (3m 36s)
Scenario Manager (2m 45s)
Player Skills
(2m 47s)
Pick Up, Drop, and Position Items (7m 23s)

Video Tutorials for Debugging & Mods:
Game Options (10m 16s)
Using the Game Console (3m 14s)
Debugging and Bug Tracking (3m 43s)
Introduction to Game Modding (9m 25s)
The Lab / Level Editor Tutorial (1h 16m 3s)