Major Update Available

Check out our Downloads Page to get version  This release notes are as follows:

  1.  Download File above, and extract the zip file (very important to extract first)
  2. Run the Loader.exe or crs_x32.exe
  • Scanned with Malwarebytes and Symantec
  • Tested on 2 systems (1 Desktop with Intel i5 Quad and NVidia 570 w/ 16 Gigs of Ram, 1 Laptop Intel i5 Sumsung MX980 w/ 4 Gigs of Ram) offline and online
  • 4 Modes coded (Random, Scenario, Tutorial, Level Editor), all functional
  • 4 Modes coded (Random, Scenario, Tutorial, Level Editor), all functional
  • Level Editor supports introduction messages, terrains, water, models of different sorts, music, soundFX, SpecialFX, Functions, and Animations.
  • Incorporating a bit of my old code to begin to add some game-play.  As the game matures, the scenarios will expand exponentially
  • Level Editor is fully functional, the only thing missing is adding doors, linking the Scenario Jobs, and Compiling as a Level / Scenario, however all items you place can be used as a level, so please let me know what you guys make up.
  • Major bug fixes across the board, found only 1 after compiling which is minor.  You need to disable water while below z = 0, it is a simple handle which will soon be corrected
  • Full Licensing system to create, upgrade, and find lost CD-KEYs
  • Please report any bugs to, very important