Update Available (Features and Fixes)

New Updates / Fixes Available Now!

If you don’t have the new Game Updater (it looks like the picture in this post), just get the new CRS Launcher and use the More/Help checkbox in top left hand of screen, and click on “Update Updater”.

After the last release 3 days ago, we fixed over 20 bugs, and added the hard drives, added some visuals, and fixed existing Professional versions (sorry guys, the game stopped after 5 minutes, but this is now fixed and your settings / inventory will be increased and saved).

Thank you to those who reported these bugs, you guys are awesome. Don’t hesitate to email me with any more issues so I can fix them, most all email addresses throughout this game all come to me.

Need CD-KEY help? 

Launcher Revamped

With a lot of things going on, we greatly improved the launcher which should bring the following to the table:
-OS Version type check, and tools to deal with them
-Manifest support to introduce the software with the UAC and force it to run in the right modes that the game requires
-Logging during the major update phase, we can drill down to see where issues may lie if you continue to have issues
-Options to view help and force options for debugging / other reasons
-Auto fix / repair, if the launcher doesn’t see something right, it will inform you and show you available options to take in the log, but if the software can fix it, it will just go ahead and do that first without showing annoying popups.
-Serial Number and CD-KEY traffic cop, if it finds duplicate serials and cd-keys, it will auto block that CDKEY / SERIAL, and all related keys that is from that same email.   Agreement breach detection code.
-Option to force the update of the Updater (lol), but yes we can update the updater now.  Before there was no way to do this because there were no system checks and balances added until now.
-Option to help Video Resolution issues, but we still recommend you review your options if you encounter any issues attempting to launch the game.
-More features and additions, but we don’t want to spoil everything just yet now do we.

Copperhead Studio llc Acquires CRS

Copperhead Studio llc in process of acquiring Computer Repair Simulator (and all trademarks and copyright that go along with it), transition should be completed within 7 to 10 days. Going forward, Copperhead Studio llc will be responsible for the future of Computer Repair Simulator.

Over the next few weeks you may see changes to the web pages reflecting these changes.

This will take Computer Repair Simulator to the next level!

Upcoming Massive Release

I will be releasing a client soon that will link all functionality of the game together, with the addition of brand new scenarios.

The Pro Version today is  $10 per seat, but with the next few releases the price will increase to $20 (with new scenarios) and after that to $30 (100 scenarios).

We are selling Pre-release Professional licenses today for $10, if you buy or have bought this license, you will have all future features already for the life of the product and you are getting a discount buy opting in for pre-order.

Don’t miss out on this pre-order discount, it wont last very much longer.