Weather / Day & Night System Complete


I don’t know where to begin on this, a lot of stuff has been added such as final linking of options from launcher (sky, sky color, clouds, weather, sun, moon, day/night cycles, etc), the player can now control what the atmosphere looks like to add their own spin on the game, or they can choose to keep in Auto mode which will run the normal game cycle.

The weather system has been greatly improved, temperatures ranging from -20 to +110, along with precipitation (rain or snow) which have their varying levels depending on the weather pattern.  The heavy weather can be hard to see in such as a bad rain storm or snow storm.  When you enter buildings, the weather will now show inside, but will still be visible if you look outside.  Pretty much if you keep everything in Auto mode, the weather system has an intelligence of it’s own, adjusting the temp and weather like a normal weather cycle.

Language is being added for certain parts of the game for now, and eventually the entire game.  The image shows the banner layout of the game when a level or achievement has been completed…or anything major in the game.  The first languages to be implemented are English, French, German, and Japanese.

There are a lot of other items which were coded, but hard to explain really, however they are the foundation to the upcoming items.

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