Game Progress

A lot of new updates, I haven’t really been posting much due to a crazy schedule, but here is the summary:

-night / day revolutions now done, stars come out at night etc.  Sun and Moon added that revolve around the map to give the idea of time
-Clouds, sky RGB color at certain times of day
-Sun flares and FX
-Weather added such as rain / snow, thunderstorms
-Audio / Sound FX
-ESD buildup on player, must discharge before working with electronics, but you can discharch ESD into certain objects to receive in game rewards.  Weather modifies the ESD buildup.
-Temperature now added to the game, this will affect how the technology will function
-Profile layout as you can see in the photos below
-EMI sensor, if you enter an area or work on a job that has EMI, you will learn how to deal with it


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