Accounts and Profiles


Just a quick screenshot of where we are at.  The image shows a player selecting a single player game mode, and creating an account in a bank of slots (like the old days).  A lot has happened over January, we were able to accomplish a lot.

Wrapping up the Launcher

I am close to being complete with the game launcher.  I am just finishing up some account creation and encryption with the account passwords.  The next step is to create the main login section in the launcher, and begin working on the actual game.  It will be somewhat of a slow start when the game starts as I will need to program the importing of options, but once they are done, they can be easily customized.  After that, I will be coding the developer / debug section so that when bugs / errors are found, we have a better way to check the status / what functions were running when issue occurred.

Some other items, I am working with the trademark completion, along with building a game server.  I have finally put together the parts to build a killer server to host the project, this will also allow me to do more multiplayer integrity testing.

Hope to have some exciting stuff soon, I know it seems slow, but we need to do this right to have a successful project.

Controls of the Game



The controls page is a bit more sophisticated to understand key duplicates, but here is the general idea of the controls.  Further information can be found in the user manual.

Game Update

I have been posting more in the Developer Log which can be found at the top of our webpage.  It is just easier to do it that way and use the site for more announcements, etc.  The progress is going very well.

Launcher Video Options

December 5th, 2016

-Designed Video Options panel
—–Resolution and Custom Resolution
—–Screen mode (no video, window, fullscreen)
—–Gamme value (50 to 150%)
—–Engine Window Alpha (for playing while monitoring)
—–Color Depth (16/32)
—–Camera Field of Vision
—–Frames per Second Max
—–Shadow LOD
—–Shadow Range
—–Shadow Stencil Type
—–Max Particles
-Cleaned up the menu design a bit

demomain demoopt demovid

Game Launcher Work

December 4th, 2016

-Programmed saving / loading of following options. Also programmed default settings and a few features that go along with it (i.e. if no changes were made, the Save button doesn’t show)
—–Difficulty (Save / Load)
—–Movement Speed Modifier (Save / Load)
—–Max Click Distance (Save / Load)
—–Sky Enabled + details (Save / Load)
—–Show Trees (Save / Load)
—–Day / Night Cycle (Save / Load)
—–Time (Save / Load)
—–Language (Save / Load)
—–Currency (Save / Load)
—–Age (Save / Load



New Game Launcher

I figured that I wanted to simplify the code, to make more advanced controls / systems. The game will have a parent launcher done in VB Studio which allows the user to update their settings and controls (customized controls). It will allow settings to be adjusted in the graphics / audio sections. The reason for this is due to several reports of issues launching the game and changing a setting that cannot be reverted easily without modifying the options config data file (i.e. resolution was changed, but wasn’t updating properly and user could not get back into game).

The launcher will then call three game modes (Scenario, Random, Tutorial), but I will more than likely start with one first, maybe the tutorial. This will allow us to create many more intricate details and code within each mode as the code size will be very small compared to what it is at today. update

Domain Transfer Complete

So it took a lot longer than I expected…almost 1.5 weeks to release. Sadly to say, the site was down the entire day today because I had to reconfigure the DNS settings and set the domain space. I have it all transferred now, so I hope to have a quicker website response time.

Coding is going well on the next version, we are still a little ways out, but making progress.

Also, sorry for the broken Paypal links…I can’t get any of them to work and they are of no help fixing them.

Domain Transfer

Don’t be alarmed if the site goes down for the next 24 hours.  I am fixing much needed issues on the website and need to do it now.