Wrapping up the Launcher

I am close to being complete with the game launcher.  I am just finishing up some account creation and encryption with the account passwords.  The next step is to create the main login section in the launcher, and begin working on the actual game.  It will be somewhat of a slow start when the game starts as I will need to program the importing of options, but once they are done, they can be easily customized.  After that, I will be coding the developer / debug section so that when bugs / errors are found, we have a better way to check the status / what functions were running when issue occurred.

Some other items, I am working with the trademark completion, along with building a game server.  I have finally put together the parts to build a killer server to host the project, this will also allow me to do more multiplayer integrity testing.

Hope to have some exciting stuff soon, I know it seems slow, but we need to do this right to have a successful project.