More Bug Fixes!!!

Just cleaning up loose ends. Here is the current list:

Known Bugs:
-When placing the last component down, there is a small window that a player can click on a component and have it placed in their inventory if they time it perfectly. Temporary workaround now is that I have a random wait, so a pattern cannot be detected.
-Inventory still flashes slots when opened.

Fixed Bugs:
-Closed all shortcut keys that were irrelevant with the new version of the game
-Fixed main menu Intermission where a user would click to start the game, and the flashlight / thermal paste shows for a few frames.
-Fixed going from Scenario to Random where the cell phone would just keep ringing while playing
-Fixed countdown bar. When a user began performing a long task, and then cancel the Work Order / Go to Main Menu, the counter would get stuck. The only way to reset it was to restart the game, this is now fixed as I have added a watchdog.
-Structered the recently added code so it was designed to be future proof.