Major Bug Fixes!

I spent this evening playing the game and found a handful of bugs. Once they were cleaned up, I then played the game trying to break it! I also found a handful of bugs…now they appear to be fixed.

-Fixed “pointer” crashes in between scenario modes / main menu
-Fixed a mode switch bug (between random / scenario mode)
-Fixed an issue when going from Scenario mode to Random mode where the cell phone would ring as soon as the Random mode is loaded
-Fixed some checks / balances in the scenario
-Fixed inventory flashes (when opening the inventory you would see all slots flash for a few milliseconds)
-Fixed overlapping scenarios (if you started in Random mode and right before the models begin to load, you go to the main menu and change to Scenario mode, the Random objects would still be present which created an overlap. I added some code to address this problem and I can’t replicate it anymore)
-capacitors now count towards a completed scenario
-Added a level / money indicator on the main menu
-working in full screen 1920×1200 now, may use that as default (may need to make a VB script to change it prior if having video resolution issues)
-pressing B will begin to set your electronics on fire