Compatibility / Bug Fixes



With all of the code that was written, I have been chasing bugs that I know may be a problem.  So far we are doing pretty good with tracking them down.  Here are some recent updates.

-Fixed Windows 10 compatibility (old DLL file causing crashes on startup, now fixed)
-ESC key no longer closes the game engine, but can be used in game to control menus / actions
-Fixed bug with adding multiple devices to same destination
-Fixed inventory bug where if you tried to open the inventory right before adding a device, it completely disappeared
-Added different movement code that may work for some players
-Added auto saving during gameplay
-Added close game menu and saving of data before engine close
-Added Skill Repair, and allowed repairing of Inventory objects
-Added the Skills menu
-Added the Stats menu
-Added Help menu
-Added Selling of Inventory objects