New Release: CRS Level Editor – Simple

Here is a new release of Computer Repair Simulator which incorporates the level editor.  I am working on adding more content to the editor now, but this is everything up to that point so users can provide some feedback.

This release also supports:
-Restricted Computers (no admin rights / special policies), this is the default application
-Full Game, but requires registry access (users who have administrative accounts)
-manifest for the EXE files, hopefully it will trigger the proper settings to allow full access

Feedback would be appreciated…oh and enjoy releasing ESD on the birds in the sky.  Its a quick way to get money.

Download Now


Note:  Scannedd with Malwarebytes and Symantec.  Avira shows a false positive which will be worked out shortly.

Note:  some settings are set fron development and may throw exceptions in the Launcher, I will fix these next release, just press Continue if this exception occurs.

  1. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.