Random, Scenario, and Training Added

Added three play modes, each offer its own benefits.  I only started working on these, so after some time I should have some pretty fun stuff.

Random:  Random items will be broken and when board is completely repaired, you beat scenario and get another.  Each round offers their own rewards.  This is really used for fun / bug testing all items.
Scenario:  This will be scenario based situations that links problems with actual failures that need to be analyzed and resolved.  Use the skill you gain from the Training to take these on as they will get more and more difficult.
Training:  This is the one item I am coding first as it verifies controls are understood, and explains how the game is played.  Once you pass the basics, you begin to learn about technology as it is broken down and explained piece by piece.  You will learn terms, methods, hardware, and general technology while traveling through the ranks of training.


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