Good Things to Know about the game

After watching several players interact with the game, here are a few notes for the game play:
-In the options, you can change your movement speed, this includes when holding shift.
-In the options, you can change your pan/tilt mouse sensitivity
-If you prefer to have pan/tilt linked to different keys (like on a laptop), go into options and change your mode to “Euthemis” mode.
-In the options, you can change your base fee rate in General.  If your fee is low, you will get more calls quicker, but the higher your fee, it will take longer to get a call
-Skills get exponentially more difficult to gain, its impossible to reach 100.  Skills go from 1 to 100, the better skill you have, the faster the timer / countdown will go (for later releases when real time is implemented)
-If you have a catastrophic bug, simply restart the game.  If restarting doesn’t help, please try running the game in “Administrator” mode.  If this doesn’t work, uninstall / reinstall the game, this will clear and rebuild all of the data structures within the game.
-Store will be added later so parts can be purchased
-There are only 4 scenarios right now
-There is only 1 random scenario, but failure is random
-Training was not developed enough, it is only enough to get the controls / basic game play down.  This will be broken down into libraries later (game tutorial, training, troubleshooting, hardware, software, etc).
-Difficulty has no effect on anything today, it was only coded for future use.