Server General Update - May 22nd, 2024

We did a server restart on May 21st and got the coffee mod fixed, so that is all good. I removed the playercount and vote mod to see if it helped with the random freeze, but it did not change anything so I will add them back next restart.

The Event Center now has Kingdom Teleports being installed which link established player deeds with kingdom castle which allows players to easily help eachother and this should promote unity and community to keep new players.

A hunting island was setup yesterday and can be accessed from the Event Center. It's a no PVP and no build zone because it is accessed by all kingdoms. The Pit challenge should be opening soon along with the 2nd dungeon which all again can be accessed from the Event Center.

Server General Update - May 19th, 2024

Several new updates on the server recently. I am working on fixing the Coffee Mod with the help of some input from the mod developer, it came down to recipe ID and I don't see it under the dist/ folder. Will add that hopefully next server restart.

I also am going to spin up a 2nd server for testing, mostly focused around the ShippingRoute Mod and BulkTransfer from BSBs and Crates.

The Event center has now functional kingdom merchants, and a GM made dungeon called The Cat Dungeon. You can access this dungeon at the Event Center. Several other dungeons and events are still being worked on and soon will be done.

We came across a player made kingdom issue which was the result of a bugged character. After creating a new character and moving skills over, the player made kingdom worked on a completely different account. PVP also seems to be picking up, with a clash between MR and Freedom territories that was around the MR Boat Mine North Ocean Access.

Server General Update - May 11th, 2024

Our ISP had to do work earlier today so the server was down for most of the morning. We are back up now and while down, we added the furnacefeeder mod that allows players to keep smithing for very long periods of time.
The Event Center is open for business and contains Kingdom Markets where you can buy tools, weapons, goods, and some have enchants. This is still a work in progress and if anyone has any feedback, please let us know.

Server General Update - April 22nd, 2024

Server restart every Wednesday between 8am and 2pm EST. Also scheduled server downtime is planed for April 26th most of the day, although I only need a few hours I think. I am upgrading my network infrastructure to support faster speeds and updating the internet router.
The world of Gloomwood is really growing. Every day we see new faces and the community is starting to have a personality. We are planning on adding more mods this week to remove fatique, and add new features to storage.

Server General Update - April 4th, 2024

More mods were added, check mods to see which are supported in gameprogress.

Server General Update - March 26th, 2024

New 16K x 16K map, reset March 2024. The game server has been updated to support a more powerful XEON processor with 32GB of memory so there should be a major improvement on performance. The internet speed was also increased for download/upload on the server in the past month.

There have been some new additions to the map and some are still in progress.