Computer Repair Simulator Update December 24, 2023 – Now Available

A new version is available as of December 24th, 2023. This should be the last time I have to make any major changes to the structure of the software, so you will see an automatic game updater now included in the launcher. This release should include all bug fixes that have been reported or have been known along with new features to streamline the user experience. Schools and Educational Institutions should download the .ZIP version and place the software in a folder on the users desktop or their documents so that they can run it and save their player stats. The only outstanding action item I have is to get the game launcher digitally signed.

To try the software out, go to our Downloads page and get a free demo version.

I am bringing back the downloads page so that users can try before they buy. Premium users can download from this page as well and apply their own license.