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Game Roadmap

Anything for the future will go here.
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Garrett Swindell
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Game Roadmap

Post by Garrett Swindell » Thu May 24, 2018 2:00 pm

Golden Prototype (Available Today):
-Desktop hardware
-Adding / Removing of parts
-Repairing and details of parts
-Inventory with 25 inventory slots for Professional version (planning on adding more soon)
-In game shop to purchase hardware
-Player stats
-Money system
-Work Order System

Computer Repair Simulator (V2 85% complete):
-Support for 3 player accounts per seat
-Inventory supports up to 1 Billion parts with view customization
-Full shop system with view customization
-Full skill tree
-In game droid that follows player and can be used during the game
-Battlebots, build your points to battle your customized bot against other players
-Story Mode
-World Editor / Scenario Editor / Mods

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