This page contains details on how Computer Repair Simulator interacts with your operating system, and what you can do to overcome any potential issues.  I am classifying the troubleshooting to (2) two user groups based upon the feedback I have received and the current state of the project.  Once the project is complete, I will review these methodologies again to clean them up.  In the mean time, here is what we have.

  • Single System Owners (who have full Administrative rights)
  • Schools, Colleges, and Educational Facilities (who need to keep their system locked down)

We have recently deployed manifest files which allows better system compatibility, depending on the OS version (note added 5/1/2018)

Computer Repair Simulator will need…

Attention to the UAC (User Access Control) system.  The software moves file around prior to launching any new game modes.  If the user is not an Admin, and UAC is enabled, you will encounter all kinds of issues.  If you require UAC to be at the default level or higher, go to the next recommendation.

If you still encounter issues with CRS, Run Computer Repair Simulator as Administrator by either right clicking Loader.exe or crs_x32.exe and go to Properties>>Compatibility and set the program to “Always Run As Administrator”, then set it for “All Users”.

So you have read this far and you are still seeing a lot of issues just getting started.  I would recommend that you download the .ZIP version of the game and Extract it to your Desktop, or My Computer.  Once Extracted (very important to extract it), go to the game folder and make a Desktop shortcut for “Loader.exe”.  Now try to run the game, you shouldn’t have any issues.

GPU Suggestions…
If you are encountering issues when the game attempts to load the actual game (DirectX failures in particular), you may want to consider
1.  Make sure you change your resolution in Options to match your monitor resolution.  If you only can support 1600×1200 on your laptop, but the game is trying to run 1920×1080, it may cause DirectX issues
2.  testing the game with Full Screen vs Windowed.  Change the setting under your Options in the launcher.  I have seen certain laptops crash when in full screen, so you need to run it in a Window.