About Us / FAQ

I am sure many of you have questions and we would like to begin addressing them here, as if you have questions, so do others.  Feel free to send us any questions using the contact info below.


Who is on the Team?
The team consists of 3 human beings.  Here is a quick breakdown of who does what:
Garrett Swindell: Electronic / Mechanical / Robotic Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Software Developer, Server / Client Communication, Nerd

Game Responsibilities:  Ideas, Programmer, 3D Modeler, Graphics Concepter, Texture Designer, Audio FX, Music Composition, Developer

Euthimis Kexagioglou: Web Developer, Marketing , Game desing , Collage Student

Game Responsibilities:  Ideas / Concept Designer, Marketing, Tester, Web Developer

Brooke Swindell: Graphics Artist

Game Responsibilities:  Graphics, Pictures, Logos, Textures


Our official game testers:

  • Brian Brown
  • Filippakos Theodore (alpha)
  • Karamitzas Teo (alpha)
  • Karamitzas Anastasios (alpha)
  • Tomori Laertis (alpha)

Also thanks to all of you , the fans that help with game testing!


Is this Project Funded?
No, it is not funded.  We have used our own money to buy software over the years to get to this point, while learning how to make video games.  We are interested in any funding options to help escalate progress on the game to avoid additional delays of launch.


What Stage are you at?
We are about 9 months in and this is classified as a “Project” right now.  All of us have full time jobs and only work on this project outside the scope of work / school.


When will it be Available?
Alpha Demo release scheduled to be available before October 2016.  This version may or may not have scenarios, but rather an open random situation that allows us to find bugs.


Are / Will you be affiliated with other Companies?
I have a list now of approved companies who are actively interested in this project who will allow me to use their name, products, brands, etc. when the project is released; after their review.


What is taking so Long?
Everyone on the team is either a full time student, or a full time employee and working on this Project in their spare time.  The game is still developing its foundation code which controls everything that the player doesn’t see.  Once this foundation is in place, it will be extremely easy to continue updating what the user can interact with.  I understand that updates may look weak, but I usually write several thousand lines of code every week.  I am focused on simplifying functions (i.e. last night I simplified skills so that 1 function can handle any skill instead of making 1 function per skill).  This will fast track the project at a later time.


I am a School / Company?
The target of this project is to be used by Schools and Businesses for teaching and training.  The Game will  have a custom scenario maker where Professors / Trainers can create their own virtual labs and let their students / employees utilize them.  It will incorporate Electronic Principles, theories, best practices, and real life situations.  These will be either one-time purchases (no updates) per volume distribution, or contract (includes customs, custom design work, customization) which will be in 6 month periods.


What Software are you Using (Licensed)?
We are using the following software:
3D Game Studio Commercial A7 (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
3D Game Studio Model Editor (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
3D Game Studio World Editor (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
3D Game Studio Script Editor (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
3D Studio Max 2017 (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
Anet Multiplayer License Pro (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
Magix Music Maker 17 Premium (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
Game Creators Texture Maker V3.01 (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
Adobe Photoshop CC (Licensed to Garrett Swindell)
Adobe Photoshop CC (Licensed to Brooke Swindell)


End User Feedback / Developer Response?
Feedback:  The game doesn’t look realistic, the Motherboard is floating there.

Garrett:  Once the game mechanics are complete, it will be cake work to add the proper supporting equipment.  Obviously since this is a game (but the title says Simulator), and we have such a small team now, we want to make it playable in a short time, and once it has been funded, everything will be technically accurate for the Experts, yet the Gamers can enjoy regular play (will have different game modes to support realism)

Feedback:  The demos do not look complete, the Motherboard doesn’t have any components
Garrett:  This is where we are currently at in the project.  I just finished the skills programming, and once I create the Inventory system I can easily create new objects quickly and place them.  I am also considering a player scenario system where players can build a custom board up and make the problems and upload them to a central database where others can enjoy them.  There will be “Real” and “Non-Real” Electronic libraries which can easily be used.  Similar to game Garys Mod, this also would have the same feature to almost create anything from the ground up using the built in electronic components library.

Feedback:  When your mouse is over an object, it should show you what it can do
Garrett:  The plan right now is just that.  It is still somewhat early, but not really as I am coding this intermittently.  The final plan is to have a skill called “Perception” which as you get better will show you more information about a system (in simulator mode) which includes data points, can the object be interacted with, etc.  There will be skills in the game, and each task will have a time limit.  As you continue working, your skill will go from 1 to 100, and the better you get.  There will be scoreboards to show stats of the top players, so gaining skill is also gaining some fame

Feedback:  The lights seem messed up, like the lamp shows light behind it on the wall
Garrett: This is correct, I coded simple floating lights that don’t care about specific objects.  This can easily be fixed by using a spot light of some sort.  This is just something that will be corrected later after the game mechanics are further developed.  This is an easy fix though.

Feedback:  The textures / models look low poly, like a game from 2001
Garrett: No worries here.  The pointer objects are being made, and once fully structured, we will implement an LOD system where if you are close to the object, it will be high poly / high texture detail, but as you move further away, it will auto-morph into a low poly objects so that other objects around you can be rendered high poly.  The system can only support 64,000 Polygons, and the motherboard high poly I made was over that.  Once the LOD system is implemented, this will be corrected though.