You may Demo the software by downloading it using the link below. The Paid / Professional Version removes the 5 minute limit, and unlocks core game features. The download on this page is labeled Professional Version as it has everything it needs to work, and a purchased CD-KEY will unlock the remaining features. The software comes with PC Repair Mode, PC Builder Mode, and Lab Editor Mode. You may need to Right Click and Save As (some browsers don’t allow .exe downloads). Scanned with and Malwarebytes.

Some AntiVirus programs will throw false positives to the game, mostly the Main Software Launcher. The Main Software Launcher will save many files at once in Options or when resetting accounts, some anti-malware programs will flag this as “ransomware”, but it is a false positive. It is recommended to add the “crs_x32.exe” to the accepted list but only disable “ransomware”. Please report any antivirus issues / questions / concerns to or the antivirus providers. We will continue to improve upon anti-virus compatibility as we move forward.

Game Download


Click here to download


Supported Resolutions:
1920×1080 (recommended)
4K Resolutions play at 1920×1080
Any resolution with Window mode between 800×600 up to 1920×1080. Windowed mode can scale graphics to fit most screens.

Software EULA

Please contact with any issues or concerns.