Garrett Swindell

Founder and Senior Developer of Computer Repair Simulator


A Game like Computer Repair Simulator was my childhood dream.  I began modeling at 13, coding at 15, and developing websites at 16.  When I was 16, I began repairing the family computers and phones.  I went to school to study electronic engineering and robotics, but took a ton of programming classes in between.  During college, I worked as a government contractor putting out mine fires and releasing mine water from hillsides, then shortly after, repairing avionics on aircraft.

In my current full time career I am a product manager / product engineer / application engineer / support engineer.  I attend many trade-shows and frequent client sites to resolve major system issues.  I work directly with suppliers releasing new technology and making sure they are functionally sound.  I deal a lot with international standards and compliance’s in my field, and I have spent a lot of my time at testing facilities to validate product environmental specifications.  I have helped design many systems that most of us use in our every day life behind the scenes.  I am a nerd at heart and love technology!